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How Exercising Can Help Your Daily Life And A Few Examples Of Great Programs

You probably understand the importance of exercising regularly. However, certain types of workouts are much more beneficial for you than others… especially after you consider how much time you need to spend doing certain workouts.

Why CrossFit Is One Of The Hottest Exercise Terms Right Now

Though CrossFit gets mixed reviews, when done correctly, it really is a truly beneficial method for exercising, staying in shape, and improving your overall fitness. The largest complaints with CrossFit is that many people don’t use proper form. With proper training and good coaches, it’s difficult to not learn and maintain correct form during workouts. Whether you are working on your own or with a coach or coaches, make sure you use the correct form for the exercises you are performing BEFORE adding weight.

If a coach ever stresses speed or total weight over form, find a new coach. That is calling for injuries and is NOT the correct way to exercise.

Where Can I Learn More About CrossFit?

Be sure to check out the official CrossFit site for tons of information, workouts, and to find affiliates near you.

How Do You Find A Good CrossFit Gym (Box) To Join?

Finding a great CrossFit affiliate to join can be difficult. Some of the boxes that have been around for longer tend to favor the more advanced athletes. At the same time, some gyms provide classes and tailor their workouts to athletes of all fitness levels and skill types. Do a bit of research for the best fit for you. A great example of a CrossFit gym that tailors to all fitness levels is CrossFit 333. Some of their reviews online suggest they are one of the best CrossFit St. Charles boxes to join.

Common Exercises Found In CF Workouts

Unlike conventional exercising at a gym using machines and treadmills, CF workouts incorporate more functional and bodyweight movements. Things like pull ups, air squats, pushups, running, rowing, olympic weightlifting, jump rope, and tons of other exercises are all factored into various workouts. Plus, you can do a short workout (less than an hour of total time including warmup and cool-down), and still get an incredible, full-body workout done. If you like exercising and competing (with your and with others), you will probably like CrossFit. Check out some of the gyms near you, many of them offer a free trial class or a trial week to see if you like the atmosphere.