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How Toxic Is The Flu Vaccine?
10/3/2011 10:17:32 AM

For the past several years, physicians in America have been insisting that every child age 6 months to 18 years must get an annual flu shot.

Which Road Will You Take?
8/25/2011 10:48:15 AM

The road most travelled has made people sicker, unhappier, more overweight and more out of shape than ever. The modern medical model is not health care, it’s disease care...

Decrease Your Risk Of Infertility
8/25/2011 9:08:14 AM

In the year 2000, 6.1 million Americans were affected with infertility. That number has now grown over the past ten years to 7.3 million Americans who are suffering from this reproductive health pro

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October is breast cancer awareness month, and at Maximized Living, we applaud the commitment to the cause. However, in our mission to find the truth behind health and wellness, we know there is even more that can be done to prevent this epidemic.

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