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Decrease Your Risk Of Infertility

Posted: 8/25/2011 9:08:14 AM
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In the year 2000, 6.1 million Americans were affected with infertility. That number has now grown over the past ten years to 7.3 million Americans who are suffering from this reproductive health problem.1 Infertility is diagnosed to couples who have been trying to conceive pregnancy for at least a year but are unsuccessful. Although women have more notable symptoms of infertility compared to men, both sexes are almost equally affected by this problem. The United States has the largest number of known cases of infertility throughout the entire world. What does that say not only about our reproductive health, but just our health overall?

Men and women are both affected equally due to the fact that both male and females tend to make most of the same choices with their health, are exposed to the same toxins, and most importantly have bodies that were created to function and heal the same manner. So, the choices we make, or don't make, have a massive impact on the body whether you're a woman or man. Here are some examples of things that cause infertility that don't care what sex you are:

  • Over exposure to toxins can lead to a decrease in not only ovulation, but sperm production by causing hormone imbalances. Environmental toxins called Environmental Endocrine Disruptor's (EED) mimic hormones and have extremely negative effects on gland health.
  • Eating dangerous and bad fats can increase your risk of infertility by 70%2
  • Eating or consuming the two most common food allergens can over stimulate the immune system causing and imbalance on the inside. The two most common food allergens are gluten and dairy.
  • Over exercising can increase your stress hormones and make it hard for either an egg to be implanted into the female or sperm to be produced normally in a male. Burst training helps balance not only fat burning hormones, but reproductive hormones too.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, fertility issues may be associated with improper nervous system function, poor nutrition, high stress and poor lifestyle habits.3 As chiropractors, we are trained and specialized in the nervous system. Our main focus by realigning the spine is to take pressure off the nervous system so the body can heal and function like it should. Chiropractic care increases nerve flow for better overall health and function of all organs. It isn't a treatment for anything; however, there have been studies and seemingly endless clinical examples of previously infertile patients conceiving after a series of adjustments from their Chiropractor. The standing joke in many chiropractor's offices is, "My chiropractor got me pregnant!"

Starting with getting health through the 5 Essentials of Maximized Living as a best first step to avoiding the challenges of infertility and paying into the $4-billion-a-year infertility treatment business that consists of controversial drugs and experimental techniques that for the most part are unregulated and potentially dangerous.4

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